Celebrating the passage of time at Ramos Pinto

Le Porto est l’une de nos madeleines proustiennes. Une saga de marque aimée : Ramos Pinto, Lacrima Christi… Les larmes du Christ !
Jolie façon d’oublier le temps passant. Il ne s’agit pas forcément d’en boire. C’est tout de même trop sucré. Regarder ces etiquettes de flacons anciens suffit. Et se souvenir qu’on est une bouteille qui aura cent ans en 2100…
On l’ouvrira !

Salt of Portugal

Composit Ramos Pinto

Port wine used to be sold in austere black bottles with somber labels. Adriano Ramos Pinto, a maverick entrepreneur who entered the port wine trade in 1880, changed all that. He wrapped port wine with sensuous images, elegant packaging, and clever marketing.

One of Ramos Pinto’s publicity coups took place in 1922. Two pilots, Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral, planned to make the first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic, flying from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro. Ramos Pinto convinced them to take a bottle of his port wine on board to celebrate their landing in Rio de Janeiro. On the first two attempts, the airplane sunk near the coast of Brazil. But both the pilots and the bottle were saved. The third attempt was successful and the bottle was finally opened to great acclaim. This and other exploits made Adriano Ramos Pinto so famous in Brazil that a glass of port…

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